Whoops, another 2 months have gone by and no blog post from me! It didn’t take long to break my new years resolution to blog more regularly. Oh dear. My only excuse – when you’re busy working hard for your clients, when you’re creating cracking content for them and helping them socialise it, writing content for your own blog does tend to take a back seat. So if you want to write something nice for this little old blog – please let me know 🙂

However, whilst things might have been quiet on my own blog, they’ve not been quite so quiet elsewhere. I was really chuffed to leave my sweaty pawprint in these places:

Sam Murray Monkey Boy

Don't tell him...I don't think he's noticed the perching primate

And then….

How cool is that!

Whoah – so I have actually been pretty busy – so please don’t berate me on the blogging front. And in other, non worky type related news – you know a row a boat right? I row with a lovely bunch of people at Porthgain rowing club. A big wooden clinker built gig, on the sea. With 5 other chicks, and then some guy that sits at the end, steers, and shouts at us (thanks Tom, we couldn’t do it without you!).

On the first bank holiday weekend of May, I headed on over to the Isles of Scilly for the 22nd world pilot gig rowing championships, and my 8th year competing in this marvellous event. It was awesome. Preparation for the event included lots of 7am rowing sessions at the weekends, as well as lots of gym and lifting of weights. Fair play, it was also accompanied by lots of cake eating sessions, I believe that is how one achieves ‘balance’!

Pulling hard - that's me in the pink hat! Check out the matching blue fingernails. That's just how us Porthgain ladies roll.

It was an awesome weekend, and we won Ladies Group D – our first year on the podium, and we were very, very pleased.

Porthgain ladies on the podium Scillies world gig rowing championships 2011

On the podium. After 2 bottles of champagne, I'm suprised we managed to climb the stairs. Good times.

OK, I feel like I have sort of updated my blog now. More soon, maybe 🙂