Way back in October 2010 I wrote a post on ‘using twitter to live vicariously through other people’s SEO conference pleasures‘ – I couldn’t make A4u and followed the action via some excellent liveblogging.

Well – SES London is upon us, and this time Cinders DOES have a ticket to the ball and is rather excited 🙂 Lucky, lucky me.

If you can’t make it, there will definitely be some awesome coverage of the event – here’s the line up so far of people who are live blogging the action:

SEO Chicks

Nichola Stott and Julie Joyce (I’m not sure Julie knows she’s suppose to be liveblogging, so far her SES plans have only concerned shopping in New Look and drinking Cosmos in trendy bars) will be covering the following:

Day 1: Tuesday 22nd February

2:45 – 3:45 Meaningful SEO Metrics

4:00 – 5:00 How to Become a Link Magnet

Day 2. Wednesday 23rd February

9:30 – 10:30 Monetising Social Commerce

11:00 – 12:00 Content Marketing Optimisation

1:00 – 2:00 Why Does Search Get All the Credit

2:30 – 3:30 Is Search Remarketing/Retargetting Right for You?

Day 3. Thursday 24th February

9:30 – 10:30 Video Search Optimisation

10:45 – 11:45 Local 2.0 – The Evolution of Local Search

Read the full details of SEO chicks liveblogging schedule

State of Search

Have been running a series of pre show interviews with speakers and organisers, they also have a liveblogging schedule here.

My agenda

As always I’ll be writing copious notes that will sit moldering in a bag until I dust them off and write a mammoth and belated post at some point in 2012. I’m planning on making these sessions:


1.15-2.15 Introduction to Search Marketing. Dave Naylor makes me chuckle. That is all.

2.45-3.45 Meaningful SEO Metrics: Going Beyond the Numbers. LTV, ROI and a million other acronyms.

Followed by inappropriate cocktail drinking and the London SEO bash.


9.30-10.30 Successful Information Architecture. Looking forward to seeing Richard Baxter explaining 404 error trapping, through the medium of dance. I wish.

11-12 Update on Real Time Search: I Want It Now!

3.45-4.45 Developing Great Content. Amanda Davie from Reform Digital is speaking on this one, lovely.

6-7 Open Mic: SEW Black Hat White Hat Unconferenced, Remembering Jaamit Durrani. This will be sad and moving but brilliant. It’s not too late to donate to the Jaamit fund.

Followed by a rather large party on a boat – naval uniform optional (but to be encouraged).


There will certainly be some bleary eyes today.

9.30-10.30 Introduction to social media. Geez this will feel early. But it’s Lisa Myers speaking, she speaks very wisely about these matters, and if you don’t make it a kitten will be killed.

10.45-11.45 Twitter Nation and Automation. This should be a goodie, Fantomaster will be speaking. I’m not sure who has been compiling the bios for my latest round of twitter bot followers – they all have busty profile pics and names like ‘Lulu Estevez’ – so perhaps Hugh Hefner has a hand in this (so to speak).

12.45-1.45 Killer Facebook Marketing Tactics – Liana Evans is on the panel. Good times.

Hopefully I’ll get some cool insights from all of these, and get something up to share soon 🙂

Twitter hashtags

SES appear to have accumulated a full quiver of hashtags. Follow the action with #SESuk, #SESconf & #SESLondon

Already lots of twittering on the hashtags:

Enjoy 🙂