My great friend, the rather wonderful photographer photographer and social activist Kirsty Morris is taking part in the Green Dragons Den at the Hay festival on Friday.

She’ll be pitching her idea for QR codes and product stories – she has some awesome ideas that will help businesses and organisations share their stories via the wonders of QR technology.

If you are around and about in the Hay area on Friday be sure to pop by and see Kirsty pitch her plan to the fire breathing green and ethical entrepreneurs who are the guardians of this £10,000 wad of cash.

Since I am bereft of a smartphone I’ve had no experience actually using them myself. I’m assured this code contains relevant information about me, but I haven’t been able to scan it myself:

QR code
Hopefully it doesn’t include a link to a picture of a dog in a bikini, or a squirrel wearing a tuxedo. That would be awful.

Good luck Kirsty and let us know how it goes 🙂