Liana ‘Li’ Evans is first up.

You have to realize that facebook is not a search engine. It’s hard to find things on facebook if you are not connected already.

Facebook’s algorithm for seearching for things is not the same as Google.

Facebook provides value, stickiness and engagement.

Is your audience there?

It is a very 1 on 1 connection of facebook. If you want to make connections you need to be ‘real’.

If your audience is there – lurking – but not engaging you could consider using facebook ads

How do you create stickiness?

Create something that keep them coming back – for example games.

Twitter has only 200 million registered accounts, but only 20% of them are active – whereas Farmville has over 50 million active users.

Needs to be:

  • fun,
  • needs to reward, and
  • needs to give them a reason to get their friends involved.


  • contests can engage people – they can fill rooms.
  • when your content is valuable your audience will let you know.
  • valuable applications get used – e.g. tripadvisor
  • you can cross promote engagement – e.g. linkedin, facebook, twitter etc
  • add value to groups – NOT spam.


  • valuable applications connect and distract e.g. trippit and foursquare
  • badges create distraction
  • quizzes
  • even profile pictures can distract:

Creating distractions can create value – for example tagging.

Facebook ads

  • are your people engaged or are they lurking?
  • if they are engaged you can use it to create even more engagement oppotunities
  • you can target by age, geolocation, what they ‘like’, what groups are they part of, advanced demographics etc

BUT it is not Google PPC. People get burnout of ads.

Points to note:

  • don’t blend your ad with facebook colours
  • use bright colours
  • use vibrant artwork
  • use peoples faces, encourages clickthrough

Landing pages are super important.

Use the data to hone your campaigns.


  • Facebook marketing takes resources and time and needs to be planned for
  • Needs co ordination, and also needs to be integrated into email, other social channels, and make sure you set goals and measure.


  • People get bored
  • Its about their experience, not yours
  • your audience decides the value, not you!

Next up is Massimo Burgio, from Global Search Interactive

He’s here to talk about the tactics that are going to get you killed in facebook…asks –

“who has had an account closed by facebook?”

Need to push the boundaries to understand the terms and conditions of use.

Facebook is often disabled, every minute of the day someone is complaining and asking ‘why has my account been disabled’?

But what if your account or clients account gets disabled? It DOES happen!

There IS a facebook police. An editoral team, and they are mean!

They can, and will, disable your account.

Understanding the risk

Shows video – facebook manners and you

You can be disabled for these reasons:

  • not being human / using a fake name (people can report you for this)
  • using a personal profile to promote a business / organisation
  • posting copyrighted material
  • importing too many RSS feeds to Facebook notes
  • promoting business on walls / groups
  • scraping information off of facebook
  • getting reported as abusive by other users
  • starting hate or obscene groups
  • adding too many friends at once
  • joining too many groups
  • placing too many links on posts or messages
  • sending too many pokes at once

How to seen as a spammer on facebook

  • keep placing Facebook ads that have been refused
  • adult content, profanity and obscenity
  • promotion illegal activities
  • promoting liquor beer etc

Remember the consequences…you leave a digital signature and it won’t always be possible to delete it.

“Before any of this happens you need to develop a corporate social media policy!”

You ned it to protect your company and brand, and it should apply to the whole ecosystem of the web, not just Facebook.

One liner social media policies

  • Be nice
  • be honest
  • don’t release proprietary info
  • don’t be stupid
  • be real and use your best judgement