Email Marketing

Permission based marketing, straight to your customer’s inbox.

Many small businesses actively collect emails via their websites, but when it comes to next steps – they’re not quite sure where to go.  Email tumbleweed ensues. Email marketing, done properly, can be one of the most effective marketing communications channels for small businesses.

Why bother with email marketing?

Email marketing is more than just the communication that ends up in somebodies inbox.

    Email marketing is efficient in terms of your time and budget. Every £1 spent on email marketing has an ROI of £30.

    With shrinking organic reach via social media, your customers are much less likely to see your messages.  With email marketing to your opted in list, this isn’t the case.

    Email marketing is a great way to develop your tone of voice, and shape your brand.

 People spend 30% of their time at work and 50% of their time working from home checking and sending emails.  That’s a lot of opportunities for you to start a conversation via their inbox!

Build your list.  Grow your list.  Nurture your list.

We’ll work with you to build your list and nurture an audience of engaged email subscribers.  We’ll help you craft engaging newsletters that resonate with customers and prospects, and are delivered to them at the right time to maximise ROI.

Claire is a Chartered Marketer (MCIM) with over 20 years of experience working with a range of small and medium sized businesses on their digital strategy and tactical implementation. She’s a local SEO aficionado with a passion for customer experience management.

Take control of your email marketing

If you’d like to hatch a plan for engaging your customers and prospects via email, let’s chat.