PPC – Pay per click

Paid campaign management from a PPC expert and trainer

Looking for quantifiable results?

Place an ad in a newspaper or other traditional print media and it’s hard to get exact numbers not just on how many people viewed the ad, but also how many came through to your website and went on to convert. In digital advertising it’s different. We believe that you should know exactly what your return on investment is, which ads, messages and platforms work, and which don’t. That way your ad campaigns can improve over time, bringing in a better return for your money.


We will improve your results, reduce your costs and provide a clear return.

We can set up campaigns from scratch on Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Bing Ads, Facebook, and a range of other platforms. Intelligent setup and choice of campaign types helps you get started on the best possible footing. If you already have campaigns running and think they could be doing better, we can help there too, with audits, one-off or regular reporting, and campaign optimisation.

With a PhD in data mining and mathematics, Jess has close to a decade of experience combining SEO, paid advertising and conversion testing to drive sales, leads and overall business wins. She is also an expert in Google Analytics and related web metrics tools, and offers training at colleges around the UK in web analytics.

Get more out of your PPC

If you’d like to see a better return on your PPC marketing, let’s chat. I’d love to hear more about your objectives.