Pint Sized Marketing Meetup

Dublin, November 28th 2019


I had such a great time at this tip-top event – thanks for inviting me Mark Scully! 

Google As Your New Home Page – Optimising Google My Business in a No Click World

I talked about the changing SERP landscape, zero-click (and what this ACTUALLY means), the changing look feel and functionality of the business profile (or business knowledge panel, or whatever Google are calling it this week) – and how important it is to monitor everything that Google pulls into this panel, as well as lots of tactics for how to make sure that what YOU want to be seen gets featured in this panel – including photos, reviews, Q&A, posts, products and more!

Plus BONUS local SEO stuff just for you!  Serious.

•   Local SEOs to follow on twitter

•    Local SEO blogs

•    Podcasts

•    Webinars

•    Paid for and free guides

•    Local SEO gold

Here it isLocal SEO resource MAGIC FOR YA.

Claire is a Chartered Marketer (MCIM) with over 20 years of experience working with a range of small and medium sized businesses on their digital strategy and tactical implementation. She’s a local SEO aficionado with a passion for customer experience management.

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