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Hello. I'm
Claire Carlile.

Chartered Marketer (MCIM), Local SEO, speaker, trainer & Welsh cake aficionado.


Can I help you with something?

My particular passion is Local SEO.  I love working with businesses of all sizes to help them realise their own potential when it comes to securing local organic visibility.  I work with agencies and in house teams to up-skill in terms of Local SEO nouse, and I'm passionate about putting in place systems and processes to help save time, and secure excellent results.  Also - tap me up if you're after a Local SEO speaker for your event.


About Me

A Masters in Marketing, a consumer behaviour obsessive and a big fan of qualitative research.  I've been working with local businesses for over 20 years, and I still love it! This is the page where I talk about how experienced I am.



Local SEO Audits

Local SEO and GBP opportunity assessment and performance audit plus a 6 month tactical roadmap.  Perfect for medium sized and larger businesses with the internal resource to get things done.


GBP Management

Are you at a loss with your GMB profile or profiles? Do you spend time looking at your competitors profiles wondering how they make them look so full, compelling & quite frankly kickass?


Local SEO Training

Do you and your team need to up-skill when it comes to Local SEO?  Understand the basics but need to take a deep dive into ranking and conversion factors?

Wait, I'm not ready to work with a consultant!

You might not be ready to enter into a partnership with a marketer.  I get that.  Sometimes budget is thin on the ground, sometimes you really want to get your head around something before you engage a professional to help you move forward with your marketing.  I LOVE it when small business owners come to me with a really solid idea of what it is they want to achieve, when they already have a good understanding of their customers, their marketplace and their competitors.

FREE Resources for DIYers

Previous Writing and Speaking Gigs


Nice things people have said about me

"Claire is one of the most impressive local search marketers to burst onto the scene in recent years. I saw her speak at BrightonSEO and was blown away by her deep knowledge of local search. She is highly engaged with the local search community and regularly collaborates on developing cutting edge strategies and tactics that get more visibility for local businesses."

Darren Shaw, Whitespark


"Claire is a local SEO expert at the forefront of the industry; she’s also an excellent trainer and speaker, explaining complex concepts in a way that empowers and informs the audience while maintaining her friendly and positive outlook. I know that when something has Claire’s name on it, I’m going to get information, inspiration, and even entertainment, rolled into one!"

Jamie Pitman, BrightLocal


"Claire delivered a great local SEO training session recently. Her passion for local SEO is abundantly clear, manifested through the energy she brought to her delivery of the training. As well as the delivery, the content was personalised and relevant. These two elements resulted in a highly engaging session and made her training stand out."

Joel Meshergi, BuiltVisible

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