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Hello again. 
I'm Claire Carlile.

Insert humblebrags below

I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 20 years, primarily in the SEO and local SEO space.   I’m a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Chartered Marketer, have an MSC in marketing, and I bring both academic and practitioner level marketing know-how to digital projects.

I’m a ‘Local Search Expert’ at BrightLocal, where I write and present courses for BrightLocal Academy, and I’m a faculty member at LocalU.  I'm an expert contributor to the annual "Local Search Ranking Factors" survey.

I like knowing why people do things

I’m a consumer behaviour obsessive and a big fan of qualitative research, I’m fascinated by consumer motivations, values and decision making.


In 2009 I co-authored a paper on ethical consumers and their flying behaviours which was presented at the Academy of Marketing conference.


I love to use client data and insight to shape market offerings and marketing communications, and I’ll encourage you at all stages to ‘listen’ carefully to what your clients and potential clients are saying about you, your competitors, and your marketplace.


In term time (and sometimes in the school holidays) I'm based at Haverhub in Haverfordwest - but please do set up an appointment if you'd like to visit me.

Chartered Marketer (MCIM)

I work hard to get this and keep this, submitting an annual CPD.  So I do like to tell people about it.  Sorry, not sorry.

Mother of an 11 year old

Parenting is hard, innit?  Nobody told me. Fan of Philip Larkin and Holly McNish.

Imposter Syndrome Sufferer

Your accomplishments are great, but inside you still don’t feel good enough? Google 'Tiff DaSilva'.  You're welcome.

Coast Path Runner

I like to run on the coast path and pretend I am being mindful, when really I am thinking about how it would look on Instagram.

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