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Google Business Profile Audits

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Struggling with map pack visibility?


Is your business profile (or profiles) falling behind your competitors in terms of rankings as well as look and feel?

Looking to understand the local search opportunity, better optimise your existing GBP asset(s) and give your team guidance on how to keep your listings in tip top shape?

Worry not, I can help!

GBP Audits plus ROADMAPS 🛣️

I’ve been working with local businesses for over 20 years to optimise their business profiles for both rankings and conversions.


If you have a single location or multi location set up and the internal resources (perhaps a small marketing or customers services team) to get shizzle done - but you're in need of some guidance to understand the Local SEO opportunity, the competitive landscape, and your current performance then I'm your woman.

All of my audits include a 6 month roadmap to help you understand how you can implement my recommendations to see real results.


If you are an enterprise business and you’re looking for consultancy or training I can point you in the right direction, just drop me a line.

What’s included?


Every project kicks off with a familiarisation period, where I conduct some research into your marketplace, your geographic area and your competitors.  I'll need to understand your business, your customers, the products and services that you offer, and your unique selling points.

I'll need access to Google Search Console, GA, GBP insights and any other tools that will inform the audit.   We'll run through KPIs and how you currently measure GBP performance.


I'll need to know about how you resource GBP and your profile management, who does what, how much time they have, and what assets and resources existing within your organisation that will help get shiz done.


Next I'll squirrel myself away and use all of that data and knowledge to make an assessment of the opportunity, your current performance, and my recommendations on how you can improve that performance.  I'll put together a 6 month roadmap which will detail the outline strategy and the tactics required to improve your rankings and conversions.

Existing measurement framework audit 
Tranche of search query research
Local Landing page Audits
Monitoring competitor performance
Proposed measurement setup
On page recommendations
Identification of KPIs
Assessment of the Local Search opportunity
Competitor analysis
Local Knowledge Panel audit
6 month roadmap
Review and feedback loops
Benchmark existing performance
SPAM impact and solutions
Local Landing Page Recommendations
GBP features assessment

I stay up to date with any new opportunities and functions afforded by GMB so I can make sure that you take advantage of anything that’s available and relevant in your business vertical.

Who is this for?

My GMB Audit Service is suited to medium sized businesses who understand that GBP plays an important role in generating leads and revenue for their organisation.  They know they need to do better, they're just not quite sure how to do it.  These businesses usually have their own internal resource that will be able to implement changes and manage ongoing processes.  If they don't they can consider my ongoing GBP management services.

Can I just do it myself?

If you have an in house Local SEO specialist you could.  OR alternatively get me to do it and then I'll support you and your team with the implementation...DEAL?

How much does it cost?

My GBP audits cost from £3000.  They're worth it!

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