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Ways of Working

You may have already had experience of working with different agencies and individuals.

I work with a range of clients at any one point, allocating my time on an agreed rate. I can offer flexibility according to what you want me to do, and how you’d like me to do it.  I make it a policy not to work with competing businesses in the same geographic area at the same time.  


I can work on an individual level, remote from your business or alternatively I am very happy to become part of your marketing department – working from your place of business where relevant or practical.

For You

After I’ve developed a strategy I’ll implement the tactics to enable you to reach your goals.

With You

I’ll work alongside you to get you started until you’re confident to take the reins.

Teach You

I can offer one to one or small group training in most things Local SEO related

I’ve made it my business to specialise in the areas that I love, and which I believe I do best!  


I don’t ask businesses and organisations to commit to a large upfront payment, but I will often charge an initial fee that will cover the time I’ll spend on the essential business of familiarising myself with your products, services and online presence, auditing your existing site, and researching your competitors.

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