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Sometimes you just need a hand


You might not be ready to enter into a partnership with a marketer.  I get that.  Sometimes budget is thin on the ground, sometimes you really want to get your head around something before you engage a professional to help you move forward with your marketing.  I LOVE it when small business owners come to me with a really solid idea of what it is they want to achieve, when they already have a good understanding of their customers, their marketplace and their competitors.


With this in mind I’ve put together some resources that can help kick start some of the processes we might be working on together, or that might give you the background information and knowledge you need as a small business to help you define your marketing objectives if we start to work together.  Or even if we don’t.  Enjoy!

Claire's Guide to UTM Tagging

Your complete guide to UTM tagging for Google Business Profiles

Google Business Profile Support

A super handy list of email addresses and email subject lines


Kicking off your link-building campaign with questions

Keyword Research

Developing a robust and informative keyword seed list

Local SEO Resources

My carefully curated list of Local SEO treasures – just for you 🏅

My FREE Local SEO Courses
BrightLocal Academy

How to Create Website Content for Local SEO


How to Optimise Location Pages


How to Master Local Keyword Research


How to Create, Optimize, and Manage Google Business Profiles


How to Land Your First Local SEO client

Want to talk?


Drop me a line if you're looking for a Local SEO speaker, Local SEO training, or for some input on your Local SEO strategy.  I'd love to hear from you.

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