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Website Design and Build

Simple, clean and good looking websites that really work.

I've worked with small and medium sized businesses for over 20 years and have seen a whole lot of websites.  Some of which 'work', and many of which have been poorly designed and implemented.

If you're after a clean and simple website that generates leads then it's likely I have just the thing for you.

WiX websites

I've worked with a bunch of content management systems - from custom builds through to the better known CMS like Wordpress, Umbraco and Squarespace.

There would have been a time when I would not have touched a WiX site with a bargepole, recommending that clients work with Wordpress.  That time is no more.

Can I build my website myself?


Sure you can.  WiX is a free, user friendly website building platform where you can pretty much DIY yourself a site.

So why should I ask Claire to build it?

You can build your website yourself - that's for sure.  If you choose to work with me you won't just get 'a website' - I'll work with you to develop a sense of your audiences, your target markets, your competitors, and your marketplace.  I'll put together an intuitive and usable information architecture of content that will make your site easy to use and a joy to navigate. 


We'll have a firm idea of the search queries for which you'd like to be visible for, we'll make sure that we incorporate your Google Business Profile into your website marketing efforts, and we'll make sure that you have a robust and useful measurement framework in place.


How much does it cost?

Contact me and tell me a little bit about your business and what you're looking for in terms of website.  I only take on a limited number of clients and I'll only work with businesses for which I feel a good affinity. 

Feedback for my website builds


"What a DELIGHT. Claire explains things super clearly so that you actually understand what digital marketing is and why it's going to benefit you.  

Claire helped me set up a website where others had tried and failed. Bookings up - panic and overwhelm down. THANK YOU CLAIRE, funny and fab and smart the full package.


Book Claire if you want to improve your business, knowledge, power and see a visible return on your time spent."


"Claire breezed into my life with a plan when I was feeling daunted by how to better showcase my range of services and the products I’d like to sell.  From our initial meeting, to the crowning glory of the finished website Claire has provided positive and empowering support all the way.

I’m absolutely delighted with the end result and feel I can now shift up a gear with my business.

Funny and clever (what a combo!), Claire is a wonder to work with. "

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