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Google Business Profile & Google Maps -
Support & Notifications

You file your GBP and Google Maps support emails and notifications from Google away in the appropriate folder, and make notes on your master spreadsheet, jotting down the details of their response and timetabling a date for a follow up email…

…or maybe they’re buried hundreds of emails deep in your inbox.

You do you. I’m not here to judge 👩🏼‍⚖️

How can I find emails from Google support?

Having a record of the templated subject lines is helpful, as is knowing which email addresses Google will have used to reply to your support enquiry.


🐦‍🔥 As I’m sure you know Google phoenixed Google My Business in 2021 and it became Google Business Profile.  Any support emails from GBP before this time will come from “


Use the following section to allow you to search your inbox for any of those pesky emails from Google that escaped your clever and organised GBP issue management system.

The header shows the email address the email would have come from, and then there is a list of subject lines. “YourBusinessName” is a placeholder for the name of the organisation that you’ve acted on behalf of, and “InsertNameofEntity” is a placeholder for the name of the entity that you have submitted ‘knowledge panel feedback’ on or for.

Google Business Profile <>

  • "Chat has been turned off – here’s how to turn it back on"

  • “YourBusinessName, review new changes to your business profile”

  • “YourBusinessName, your performance report for January 2023”   

  • “YourBusinessName, there’s a new photo on your Business Profile”

  • “Amy left a review for YourBusinessName”

  • “YourBusinessName, you got *(number) new reviews"

  • “New photos were added to YourBusinessName”

  • “Claire answered a question on your Business Profile for YourBusinessName”

  • “You’ve received a management request”

  • “You can no longer manage YourBusinessName”

  • “You are now a manager of YourBusinessName”

  • “You’ve received an ownership request”

  • “Your post has been removed from Google”

  • “YourBusinessName, save time by adding FAQs in chat”

  • “Claire Carlile is now an owner of YourBusinessName”

  • “Message from Elizabeth Littlehales”

  • “YourBusinessName, your profile has been suspended”

  • “YourBusinessName, posts won’t be highlighted after six months – create a new one”

  • "Claire Carlile invited you to manage YourBusinessName"

  • "Your post has been removed from Google" (see image below)

You're going to LOVE this one.  I just added it today (12 April 2024) after a chat with Dale from Jepto about Google's Vision AI - thank goodness it's keeping us safe from this SHOCKING image of a mumma pig feeding her infants.


Google Maps <>

  • “Thank you for editing YourBusinessName on the map"

  • “Published: Your edit to YourBusinessName”

  • “Your reported problem is making a difference”

  • "Claire, your review isn't posted" 


Help Communities <>


  • “Google Business Profile Community – “NameofPost”

  • “Your Google Search feedback on InsertNameofEntity”


That's it for now - I hope that helps.  I'll be adding any new subject lines or email addresses as I spot them.

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